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Software development the way it was always meant to be

I am a software developer with more than 10 years of experience in the ICT security field, building complex, enterprise-level applications in diverse domains. I’ve been active on Lean Software Development and agile methodologies for several years now, applying them in our group, involving coworkers, upper management and clients in a continuous improvement path. I'm now working with OptionFactory, delivering valuable software faster and helping other companies do the same.'s experience with a lean approach

Posted by Francesco Degrassi on is an online marketplace to request cleaning services in Dubai from the comfort of your couch; we've worked with them for a while with a lean approach, they have shared their experience in a blog post

Grande successo per il primo workshop su Git

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Il workshop, di livello intermedio, si differenzia da altre proposte formative per l’ampia introduzione ai concetti ed alle astrazioni di base del sistema, fornendo gli strumenti necessari ad affrontare l’uso pratico di ogni giorno con consapevolezza e capacità di gestire gli imprevisti.

Repeatable builds with Docker

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A significant challenge in software development is to ensure repeatability; from building binaries, to running tests, to deploying in production, we strive to make sure that different people at different times will build the same binary, get the same test results, obtain the same application behaviour we do now.