Technical Due Diligence

Gaining accurate insights about the actual value of software assets and capabilities is paramount for entrepreneurs, stakeholders and investors managing and investing in technology Companies and startups.

These insights allow taking informed decisions on remediation roadmaps, innovation streams, teams augmentation and investing opportunities.

The way to gain them is letting cross-functional, seasoned software engineers go deep and wide on source codes, architectures, infrastructures, people and practices to obtain hard evidence and an overall substantiated understanding of “where and if” value and potentialities are present.

Areas of application

M&A and investiments

  • Software quality and value
  • Product roadmap feasibility
  • Intellectual Property assets value


  • Transformation roadmap costs and capabilities
  • Skills injection

Scale-up and Internationalization

  • Customer base driven scalability strategies
  • Automation, reproducibility, testing

Supplier management

  • Performance and SLA compliance
  • Selection and replacement

Scopes and targets

  • Software products
  • Services, platforms and other software-based business assets
  • Software engineering and Operations teams

Type of analyses

  • Architecture and implementation quality, technical stack adequacy
  • Software development lifecycle maturity: competences, methodologies, tools
  • Delivery and Operations capability
  • Security, Availability, Performance and Resilience

OptionFactory is specialized in Software Engineering and Operations, helping both larger Companies and startups build and grow their products, services and platforms faster and better. A lean approach is used to reclaim control on projects and become aware of available choices before customer base and complexity ramp up and become unmanageable.

Technology Acceleration: assessment, scale up/out, continuous integration & delivery, performance tuning, legacy software re-engineering, application security, coaching.

Software Development: discovery, design, implementation and delivery of stand-alone and SaaS platforms for automation, remote device management, monitoring, mediation and data analysis.